Name: People of the Hour
Nicknames: Spoilers
Path: Acanthus
Order: any
Arcana: Time

The People of the Hour are a Legacy that strives to bring tomorrow to today by living in the moment and looking for the best of new trends to embrace and propagate.


The People of the Hour are a product of the fear of the 1950s and the social change of 1960s London. In a world that was yearning for liberty from the timeless certainty of the endless cycle of growing up, getting a job, getting married, having kids, retiring, and dying, a young Acanthus from the Free Council helped inspire others to break free. She studied the patterns of her native London, following strands of the unfolding future, looking specifically for those near to the Awakening. It was by no means an exact science, but destiny must have had a special place set aside for the young Enchanter, who used her powerful Fate magic to ably perform feats only barely within the limits of the mundane, within plain sight of only those few who were struggling to cast off the Lie. While hidebound elements within the Consilium disapproved of Lady Peacock's antics, it was actually a théarch -- also an Acanthus -- who came to her defense, arguing eloquently to all that nothing she did in any way truly threatened the Veil or otherwise compromised the security of local willworkers as a whole. The théarch, Ildanach, took the despondent Libertine under his wing, thereafter, counseling her to seek the will of her Path's native realm in all that she had done and all that followed; for, surely, there was purpose to it. She took Ildanach's advice to heart in a way that he did not foresee: Absconding with a stack of old tomes from the local Lorehouse, the young mage decided to ask Arcadia directly. Ultimately, she got her answer, and a bargain of one sort or another was struck. She became the first of the People of the Hour, those who command the secrets of the future in order to better the present.

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