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Pavithra Adri is a member of the Iteration X convention of the Technocracy.  She works for Pearl Paradigms.

Biography Edit

An immigrant from New Delhi, India Pavithra arrived in Hong Kong when she was seven.  She soon discovered her Indian features isolated her from her Chinese and British classmates.  She grew up introspective and spent many hours after school reading books about philosophy and spirituality.  Pavi discovered that through the practice of rigorous self-denial, fasting and meditation she could deny the existence of her body and garner some measure of control over her life.

Her parents were too busy to notice their daughter’s mental and physical condition until Pavi collapsed due to malnutrition – anorexia.  After a lengthy stay in the hospital she returned home only to revert to her rigorous pattern of exercise and non-eating.  This time her parents were more aware and eventually sent her to America and the Berkings Institution.

The Institute specialized in the treatment of adolescent physical and emotional disorders but masked a recruiting arm of the Technocracy.  Pavi’s doctors Awakened her and she joined Iteration X.  For she wanted to succeed in transcending her physical body and Iteration X promised just that with the use of advanced biotechnology.

Pavi returned to Hong Kong as she had given a job at Pearl Paradigm.  She was the corporation’s director of Bionics.  She had elevated her division into the vanguard of research, specializing in nanotechnology and cybernetic implants.  Her own body is the best example of what Pearl Paradigm can do for you.

Appearance Edit

Those who describe Pavi as mere shell of a woman are not far from wrong.  She has redesigned herself from the inside out.  She has replaced many of her vital organs with cybernetic implants and controls her necessary bodily functions through nanotech devices.  She no longer eats, sustaining herself on a daily intravenous infusion of biochemical “soup” that supplies all her nutritional requirements and needs no elimination.  Pavi stands just under five feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds; her dark hair is clipped close to her skull, which gives her a ghostly appearance.  Her large dark eyes glow with a fanatic’s intensity when she works. (World of Darkness: Hong Kong, p. 112)

Character Edit

Nature: Fanatic

Demeanour: Director

Essence: Primal

Methodology: BioMechanics

Physical: Strength: 2, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 4

Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 3, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 5, Wits: 3

Abilities: Alertness: 2, Brawl: 2, Computer: 4, Dodge: 2, Drive: 2, Enigmas: 1, Firearms: 2, Instruction: 1, Investigation: 2, Linguistics: 3, Medicine: 4, Occult: 1, Research: 5, Science (Nanotechnology): 5, Stealth: 1, Technology: 5

Backgrounds: Avatar: 4, Library: 2, Resources: 4

Spheres: Correspondence: 2, Entropy: 2, Forces: 4, Life: 2, Matter: 3, Mind: 2

Arete: 6

Willpower: 9

Quintessence: 7

Paradox: 3

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