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Paul Forrest is one of the few remaining Ravnos and survivor of an encounter with the spirit of one of the ancient sadhus of the Path of Paradox. Nowadays, he is constantly wandering, preaching about his path and searching for survivors of his clan after the Week of Nightmares.


During his life, Forrest was the adoptive son a pair of wealthy Philadelphians and worked in a well-paid job. There he noticed that his chef Goran was acting strange, often appearing only when the sun was not up and often spending much time with customers he didn't refer to by name. Then, Forrest's life turned for the worse, he lost his job, his savings ran empty and then, he was attacked by a stranger who was one of Goran's customers. The customer was revealed to be a vampire of the Ravnos clan who gifted Forrest with the Embrace.

After a few weeks of instruction, Forrest was sent to the Kosovo in order to re-steal an important artifact of an Indian elder. When he made the mistake of examining the object, he was struck be the touch of the spirit inside and infused with knowledge about the history of his clan and of the true Path of Paradox, but also inflicted with agony beyond mortal comprehension. Fleeing to the German city of Bonn, Forrest was tormented by visions of the rising Antediluvian of his clan.

After the terrible events of the Week of Nightmares, the spirit forced Forrest wander endlessly around the world to spread the Path of Paradox among the remaining members of his clan.

Character SheetEdit

Paul Forrest, False Prophet of Paradox
Sire: Ganesh
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Rogue
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1997
Apparent Age: 23
Morality: Path of Paradox 6
Willpower: 4


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