Patricia von Bernstein
















Primogen, Regent, former Lord

Patricia von Bernstein was part of the Primogen of Frankfurt before their dismantlement. Currently, she acts as both Regent and main domain holder over the city of Wiesbaden. Additionally, she is one of the secret heads of the Order of the Wyrm.


A long-time active player in Kindred politics, Patricia is one of the active players within the byzantine politics of Clan Tremere in Western Europe. Patricia was sendt to the Rhine-Main-Region by her sire, Pontifex Hallstedt, during the 16th century after the local ley lines had showed signs of disruption. During her stay in the city of Frankfurt, she found a labyrinthine cave system beneath the city, in which she had a shocking revelation that nearly drove her insane. Leaving the city, she was demoted for her failure, since she had not managed to uncover the source of the disruption. Patricia was relocated to Vienna, where she mainly dedicated herself to thaumaturgical studies. During her studies, she found the Al-Azif, the holy book of the Order of the Wyrm. Corellating her experience beneath Frankfurt with the secrets revealed by the Al-Azif, she joined the Order and began to travel across Europe to learn more about it. She came to believe that Gehenna would mean the widespread destruction of all those who not submitted themselves to the Order of the Wyrm, and that Tremere had been secretly replaced by something else that manipulated the Clan. In time, she became one of the most influential members of the society.

Eventually, she returned to Germany, using the upheaval of the Second World War for her own studies, learning much about the Lupines and their mythologies of the Wyrm. After the war, she relocated to the domain of Friedrich Barbarossa, where she was accepted into the Primogen council. Accepting Wiesbaden as fiefdom, she turned the city into a domain solely dominated by Clan Tremere, excluding all other Kindred that were not at least Elders. To outsiders, Patricia's current goal is becoming a Pontifex to eradicate the shame of having been demoted. Her true goals is finding the caverns beneath Frankfurt again, to draw on whatever unholy power rests there.


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