The Patriarch is, according the Black Furies, the Incarna of jealous man, and a servant of Abhorra, the Urge Wyrm of hatred.


By some, the Patriarch is thought to be the Incarna of the Abrahamic religions although christianity was tempered some what with the veneration of Mary as a goddess figure. [1] Those versed in the lore of the Triat, however, hold that the Patriarch is in fact a facet of the Weaver, representing her Seed of Dogma.

The Patriarch encourages the blind ritualization of life, harsh guidelines and equally harsh punishments against transgressors of any kind. From him, mankind learned to evaluate certain ideals over others. The influence of the Patriarch was strongest during the Dark Ages and the early Renessaince, but has diminished in later years, only to rise again thanks to growing fundamental movements in various religions.

Most Fera are blind to the Weavers designs in the form of the Patriarch, instead blaming the Wyrm as his corruption moistens the strands of the Weavers designs and seeps into her works, masquerading the Weavers work with the taint of her captive. [2]


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