Pathmakers, also known as Red-Hands, are Hobgoblin Architects specialized in building pathways along the Hedge.


Their hands are red from the blisters and blood. These hobs are obsessed with the cartography of the Hedge and how one gets around. They carve roads. They use nicked machetes to hack new trails. They take planks, branches and barrel halves, and build pathways, ladders and widow’s walks all around the towering walls.

Sometimes, these paths make sense and seem to go somewhere — maybe to a Thorn-town or to the hob’s own moss-roofed home somewhere in the maze. Other times, they go nowhere at all, just a meandering maze atop a maze, a trick and a trap all the same. The thing is, these hobs can’t stop. That’s why their hands have been worn down to blooded tatters. One thing is for certain: don’t get in their way, or they’ll incorporate you into their design.

Following the paths helps a changeling navigate the Hedge, allowing the changeling’s player a 9-again on navigation rolls. But getting in the way of the Pathmakers or damaging their hard work will earn a changeling a swift and murderous rebuke.


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