Name: Via Consuasor
Translation: Path of the Vizier
Parent Road: Via Regalis
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Via Consuasor, commonly called the Path of the Vizier, is a Path of the Road of Kings (Via Regalis) found in Dark Ages: Vampire.

Followers of Via Consuasor are sometimes called Counselors.


Perhaps more than any other path, the followers of Via Consuasor understand that overt displays of power are not the best means to control others, nor to keep control. Counselors work in subtlety, manipulating from behind the scenes while making sure they cannot be pointed to as the source of that manipulation. A Counselor must work extremely carefully, as the Beast is the antithesis of quiet and manipulative; those who let it get the better of them will see their carefully laid plans unravel before them.

Travellers of the Path of the Vizier tend to be the most scholarly of the Via Regalis paths, and in spite of their shadowy ways are prized among Cainites for their wisdom and learned ways. Many Princes will gladly trade vitae and other valuables for a consultation from a follower of Via Consuasor. Counselors also tend to be found in the Church, but unlike many of their fellow Church Cainites who follow Via Caeli, Counselors are willing to take advantage of the Church hierarchy for their own ends.