Name: Via Tyrannus
Translation: Path of the Tyrant
Parent Road: Via Regalis
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Via Tyrannus, commonly called the Path of the Tyrant, is a Path of the Road of Kings (Via Regalis) found in Dark Ages: Vampire.

Followers of Via Tyrannus are sometimes called Tyrants.


Those who choose to follow Via Tyrannus seek to gain power through strength and order to placate their Beast. While the importance of fealty and a content population have their place in Via Tyrannus, Tyrants are perfectly capable of killing and using fear to control those under their sway. In the end, a Tyrant will use almost any means at their disposal to make sure no one under them questions who is in command.

Tyrants tend to be extremely hierarchical; those under them are never to be treated as an equal, and those over them are to be treated with the utmost respect. Oaths and honor are to be respected, but any opportunity to take power is also important to travellers of the Path of the Tyrant. Many Cainites think that Tyrants are nothing but blood-thirsty and power-hungry, but there is some value to having one as an ally, as long as they remain strong and wily enough to keep the Tyrant from gaining influence over them.


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