Name: Via Erronis
Translation: Path of the Nomad
Parent Road: Via Bestiae
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

The Via Erronis, commonly called the Path of the Nomad or Tariq El-Bedouin in Arabia, is a Path of Via Bestiae found in Dark Ages: Vampire. They see themselves as heirs to Caine in his aspect as the Dark Wanderer and seek to emulate him by wandering across the entire earth. Adherents are referred to as Wanderers.

Followers of the Path believe that settling in an area is equivalent to placing oneself in a cage and that civilization is best avoided, lest one becomes trapped in the intrigues of mortal and undead alike. Human society dulls self-discipline and breeds dependency. An excess of possessions is frowned upon, as it keeps the Wanderer immobile and ties one to others. Wanderers carry all their possessions on their back, rejecting that which would hold them back on their wanderings. Followers of the Path often acted as messengers between different domains, spreading news across Cainite society. Usually, members of the Path were solitary, rarely associating with other Kindred in order to avoid being involved in their affairs.

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