Name: Via Mercator
Translation: Path of the Merchant
Parent Road: Via Regalis
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Via Mercator, commonly called the Path of the Merchant, is a Path of the Road of Kings (Via Regalis) found in Dark Ages: Vampire.

Followers of Via Mercators are sometimes called Merchants.


The followers of Via Mercator firmly believe that money is power, and so use the accumulation of wealth to gain influence and therefore sate their Beast. Merchants also work in more indirect manners than the other followers of Via Regalis, preferring behind-the-scenes manipulation using their earnings rather than outright confrontations of power. Reputations are extremely very important to the travelers of the Path of the Merchant, as they view broken oaths and deals as a sure way to fall off of the Path and encourage their Beast.

The ultimate goals of the Merchants vary greatly; most are content with earning enough to gain a title and holdings, while others seek to control everything they can through money and manipulation, from the mortals in their domain to their fellow Cainites. Even the occasional Prince in need has been known to turn to a Merchant for financial assistance; of course, the Merchant will expect to be repaid, perhaps in the form of some valuable favors.


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