The Path of the Grey Hunter, also known as Via Venator Umbra, is a path of the Road of the Beast in Dark Ages: Vampire.

Ethics of the PathEdit

Civilization must become home to Cainites, as it is home to our prey. Alliances and agreements can be used to your advantage. Only a fool ignores a possible source of strength. The pleasures of civilization can delight the beast. Take advantage of them as you desire.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

10 – Failing to offer hospitality to an invited (or announced) visitor

9 – Avoiding an opportunity to hunt in the wilds

8 – Not hunting an easy target when the opportunity presents itself

7 – Shunning a gathering or celebration

6 – Avoiding contact with civilization

5 – Making a sacrifice for a stranger

4 – Refusing to kill to when important for your safety

3 – Not defending your territory

2 – Showing your enemies mercy

1 – Abstaining from feeding when hungry


Conviction and Instinct.

Aura of Conviction: Menace. Those on this path emanate an imposing aura that takes effect when terrifying or cowing an opponent.


Road of the Beast (book), p. 54-55, 71

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