Name: Path of the Book
Nicknames: Bookworms
Path: any
Order: any
Arcana: Mind

The Path of the Book is a Legacy that is solely transmitted via the Loquacious Grimoire, a daimonomicon that was created in the 18th century. The Grimoire itself cares nothing about path, order, sanity or other unimportant details of the life of its reader, instead judging him only over his sincere love for books.


Both because this path attracts such people and because The Loquacious Grimoire is willing to teach only mages who truly love books, everyone who sets foot on this Legacy is a serious bibliophile. Many conform to some of the stereotypes concerning such people. The Legacy taught by this book is specifically focused around the magic inherent in books, language and in written and drawn symbols. As such, it appeals most strongly to people who are fascinated by writing and language, which is precisely who the book wishes to teach. Unlike some Legacies, students of The Path of the Book have little formal organization, since there is no necessity, or even possibility of any of them teaching this Legacy to students. However, most of the book’s former students maintain loose contact with one another to discuss both the Legacy and any other insights provided by the book, and also to help them keep track of the book.

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