Name: Path of the Beast
Nickname: Bestials, Beast, Ferals
Faction: Sabbat
Bearing: Menace
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

The Path of the Beast is a Path of Enlightenment common among the Sabbat. It controls the Beast by accepting its urges as natural and accepting their role as a hunter among hunters.


Originating from the Via Bestiae of the Dark Ages, the Path of the Beast emphasizes the predatory nature of the vampire. Unorganized and shunning the trappings of civilization, followers of the Path often espose technology in favour of their talents inherent to their undead form.

A follower of this Path feels that the Beast is a natural part of being a vampire and that its needs must be satiated. Still, the vampire is intelligent, and a cunning hunter is a more effective one. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between Beast and Man -- the feral cunning and vicious instincts of the vampire are excellent survival tools, tempered by the reasoning and insight of the mind. By satiating the Beast's urges from time to time, the vampire ironically gains a greater degree of personal control.

Some Gangrel elders in the Camarilla, who predate the existence of the sects, still practice this path, but not openly.

Defunct VariantsEdit

There are two minor subsects to the Path, one effectively extinct:

The Path of Harmony added a spiritual element to the Cainite's role as an apex predator, teaching followers to seek balance within the natural order of things and respect their prey. Harmonists were at odds with the greater Sabbat over their treatment of mortals, and were ruthlessly purged upon making their discontent known.

The Path of the Feral Heart integrates the nature of the Path of the Beast into the tenets of the Sabbat, emphasizing the Cainite's loyalty to their pack, and teaching him or her to avoid the trappings of the mortal world to better serve the crusade against the Antediluvans and their pawns.


  • Survival is your first concern;
  • Politics or technology simply get in the way of the hunt;
  • Live in balance with your Beast;
  • The "natural world" is an illusion. All things must live according to their forms, and even civilization is natural because it is the form of humanity;
  • Master your fear of fire;
  • Be loyal to your chosen allegiance.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Hunting with means other than your own vampiric powers. The perfect hunter needs no tools.
9 Engaging in politics. Political struggles don't yield sustenance.
8 Remaining in the presence of fire or sunlight, except to kill an enemy There's no sense in courting Final Death.
7 Acting in a overly cruel manner Death is natural; feeding is natural; Torture and cruelty aren't.
6 Failing to sate your hunger. The vampire's purpose is to feed.
5 Failing to support your allies. Support your family, and it'll support you.
4 Killing without need. A dead vessel may not be fed from in the future.
3 Failing to follow ones instincts. Instinct is the basis of predatory nature.
2 Killing a creature for other reasons than for survival A kill's purpose is sustenance.
1 Refusing to kill to survive. Vampires are hunters; everyone else is the hunted.


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