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Translation: Path of Watchful Gods
Parent Road: Via Caeli
Virtues: Conscience and Self-Control

Path of Watchful Gods is a path of the Road of Heaven (Via Caeli), found in V20 Dark Ages.


The Path of Watchful Gods revers the pagan pantheon of the ancient greeks and romans, although pantheons of different pagan tradition also orientated themselves on the Path. Vampires on this path devote themselves to serving the gods through making regular sacrifices, honoring and protecting that which the gods deem sacred, and adhering to strict codes of honor. Through conversion by monotheistic religions, the spread of the main Via Caeli and the transformation of the human cultures that once revered their pantheon, only a few followers of the Path remained in the Dark Ages.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Score Moral Guidline Rationale
10 Failing to make regular sacrifices Regular sacrifices give the gods strength.
9 Lying Do not dishonor yourself in the eyes of the gods with false words.
8 Offending the gods or spirits with violence Do not disrespect the spirits with violence, for they are quick to take offense and their memory is long.
7 Failing to act honorably The gods reward honor and punish dishonor.
6 Stealing from offerings or sacrifices Give the gods the first fruits of your labor and do not grudge them their portion.
5 Not honoring priests Priests are the servants of order and balance favored by the gods.
4 Killing a sacred animal Honor that which the gods have decreed sacred.
3 Defiling sacred places Defiling a temple is like cursing the gods themselves.
2 Damaging the image of the gods One should strive always to honor the gods in thought and deed.


Reviling a god or the gods

The gods are the source of all life and goodness.


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