Name: Path of Self-Focus
Nickname: Internalists
Faction: True Black Hand
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

The Path of Self-Focus is an Path of Enlightenment that controls the Beast by accepting the world around it and by not interfering with it, but instead focuses on his own self and its capabilities.


Owing a great deal of their doctrines to asian philosophies - and, to an extent, the Dharmas of the Kuei-jin - the Internalists believe that by accepting the course of the universe and following along without interfering, they cease conflicts and so shut down the Beast. Because changing the world is impossible, you can only change yourself to suit the world, they claim. Aiding others without being asked is striving against the universe, which will ultimately harm both you and the person you helped.

Internalists also claim that only the present is real and each actions that strives into the future or the past feeds the Beast. Vampires on this Path accept their Beasts as parts of themselves and even let it roam from time to time, but never let it achieve control. By understanding both his own needs and the needs of the Beast, the Internalist achieves control over it.


  • Live in the moment
  • Know one's self, intellect and the Beast utterly
  • Do not mourn those who fall to your depredations
  • Do not be overconfident and never underestimate yourself
  • Judge only according to deeds, not to words
  • A being is responsible to itself and only to itself, never for others

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Being overconfident. Know yourself without delusion or ego.
9 Being lazy. When you stop contemplating yourself, you cease to develop.
8 Not treating others as you wish to be treated. Show the ways of respect by example.
7 Relying on others. Others cannot know your purpose any more than you can know theirs.
6 Seeking to control others. Thinking beings are not for you to own.
5 Struggling with one's self. Struggle creates conflict and moves you out of line with yourself.
4 Restraining the Beast when it must be freed The Beast is a part of you that demands focus.
3 Not meditating regularly. Like a muscle, self-focus grows weak with disuse.
2 Frenzying You alone control your actions.
1 Being a slave; Being blood bound You must act as your own master


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