The modern Path of Paradox (also named "Samsara"), is a creation of Ravnos neonates around the turn of the millenium.


The new Path of Paradox is not as rigid as the Mayaparistya, but also does not allow the wanton cruelty and hedonism of the Western Path. Its Ethics are the same as the Eastern Path, but the Hierarchy of Sins has been modified to allow for interaction with vampires who do not follow the path.



Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Morality Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Embracing a mother. Mothers have given life, and should tend life. They should never be made servants of death.
9 Respect deception, but seek truth. This is the infinite paradox. Through uncovering paradoxes and realizing that both parts are true, we peel away the world’s illusions.
8 Killing a mortal. Death robs a person of the ability to fulfill their svadharma.
7 Failing to destroy a failed vampire. A vampire has failed when she rejects her vampiric nature. Trying to become mortal again, attempting to live a mortal life, acquire perfect humanity, or revering mortals above vampires are signs of utter failure.
6 Returning to your mortal life or pretending to be mortal. Your svadharma is no longer theirs; those ways are forbidden to you after the Embrace.
5 Carrying a karmic debt. Owing someone on a spiritual level (for example, because they saved your unlife) impacts your svadharma. Such debt prevents you from fulfilling your destiny.
4 Failure to follow your svadharma. Once you know your purpose, you must never betray or turn from it.
3 Killing a vampire that is clearly following his svadharma. No destiny is more important than any other. You cannot stop the workings of fate or karma, and you should not try.
2 Becoming blood bound. Forcibly tying your svadharma to another’s is anathema.
1 Embracing, except as a critical part of your svadharma. The Embrace ends one svadharma to begin another. Never lightly end another’s path.


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