Name: Path of Orion
Nickname: Stalkers
Faction: Sabbat
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

The Path of Orion is one of the various Paths of Enlightenment that the vampires of the Sabbat follow. The Path of Orion is among the newest of them and not widespread. Its founder, the Brujah antitribu Aaron Wilkshire, is still alive and willing to teach young vampires the ways of the Path of Orion.


The Path states that vampires are the top of the food chain, the ultimate hunter. It is their purpose and their duty to act like one and to strengthen their species by weeding out the weak and stupid among them in a form of evolution. Giving into the Beast or clinging to Humanity is weakening the vampire and the entire species alike and both should be forsaken in order to continue the evolution of the vampiric race. Followers of the path Orion strive to evolve by hunting and battling various creatures that are stronger than themselves, such as Lupines or elder vampires.


  • Strengthen your vampiric condition by forsaking what holds you down
  • Destroy those who have fallen to their Beast
  • Vampires are hunters, not killers
  • The Beast is a tool that has to be controlled
  • Destroy those who follow Humanity (or, even worse, Golconda)
  • Do not embrace needlessly

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Morality Rating Moral Guideline
10 Failing to hunt an overwhelming powerful foe.
9 Failing to hunt Lupines.
8 Sire an unworthy childe.
7 Failing to hunt a powerful foe.
6 Failing to hunt a vampire with a high Humanity score.
5 Failing to hunt a Wight
4 Failing to hunt a vampire in Golconda
3 Allowing Frenzy to lead you astray
2 Showing cowardice
1 Hunting only beings weaker than yourself


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