Name: Via Luminis
Translation: Path of Illumination
Parent Road: Via Humanitatis
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Via Luminis, commonly called the Path of Illumination, is a Path of Via Humanitatis found in Dark Ages: Vampire. Followers of Via Luminis are sometimes called Illuminated (and Blasphemers by their critics). Those who follow the Path of Illumination seek the Bitter Road to Golconda to leave the material world behind.

Dualistic undertones within the Path, as well as the belief that Caine did not commit a sin when he slew Abel, as there was nothing he could have sinned against, and the possibility that they may see the "Creator" whose angels delivered the curse against him (without even explaining to him what exactly had been wrong about his actions) as a false god, leave the Path suspicious to many, some even go so far and claim that the Path itself is an offshoot of the Cainite Heresy.

The Illuminated claim that it was God himself, though, who offered Caine Golconda and the means to achieve it. As such, the followers of the Path are determined seekers of that exalted state, but their irreligiousity and belief that the vampiric state is the way to achieve true human perfection cost them many possible friends.

The followers of the Via Luminis are a solitary lot, not necessarily by choice, but because society shuns them. The revilement of the Salubri (and Golconda in general) has also served on making the Path seem suspicious to pious vampires.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

10 - Failure to openly seek Golconda at all costs.
09 - Accepting the rule of others.
08 - Harming or controlling others.
07 - Theft and robbery.
06 - Accidental violation (e.g. drinking a vessel dry from starvation).
05 - Failure to pursue wisdom and enlightenment.
04 - Impassioned violation (e.g. manslaughter, killing a vessel in frenzy).
03 - Planned violation (e.g. murder).
02 - Casual violation (e.g. wanton killing, feeding past satiation).
01 - The most heinous and demented acts.

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