Name: Via Equitum
Translation: Path of Chivalry
Parent Road: Via Regalis
Virtues: Conscience, Self-Control
For the outdated Road with the same name, see the Road of Chivalry.

Via Equitum, commonly called as the Path of Chivalry, is one of the paths in the Road of Kings (Via Regalis). Followers of Via Equitum are sometimes called Paladins.


Those who choose to follow the Path of Chivalry have taken the medieval codes of chivarly to heart in order to quiet their Beast, following rules of honor, truth, and valor. Although Cainites on this Path still feel superior to mortals, they also feel that with the power they have gained is a responsiblity to guide and protect the weak.

Among the Paths available to those on the Road of Kings, Via Equitum is the most organized. The Paladins have their own orders of knights and squires, where those new to the ideas of chivalry may be trained and those expeirenced can easily guide them. Classical knightly pursuits, such as tournaments, are favorite activies of the Paladins, but any opportunity to uphold their knightly duties and oaths will be taken. The ideas of nobility and honor also strongly appeal to the Toreador and Ventrue clans, both of which can be found on this Path in large numbers. The Muslim version of this path is called Tariq el-Harb.


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