Name: Path of Apep
Parent Road: Road of Set
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

The Path of Apep is a semi-heretical variant of the Road of Set. These figures see their undead state as a blessed gift from the chaos-serpent, not as a curse. As a result, they revel in chaos and self-gratification.

This view is anathema to Setites on the Road of Set, as Set himself hates chaos and its manifestations. Worse, the heretical views of the Path of Apep have come to typify how outsiders see the Followers of Set as a whole.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Score Moral Guidline Rationale
10 Failing to indulge in pleasurable acts Chaos is the gift of Apep, our source of strength.
9 Delaying carnal gratification Denial of one's desires is a denial of one's true self.
8 Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a mortal Order prevents us from being who we truly are.
7 Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a vampire We are the children of Apep. His gift must not be rejected.
6 Refusing an opportunity to corrupt a holy figure Weakness must be cast aside.
5 Failing to undermine the prevailing mortal environment Stagnation promotes weakness.
4 Failing to undermine Cainite structures of power Times of strife help us discover our true strength.
3 Placing another's wishes above your own Civilization is a lie.
2 Punishing an individual for indecent behavior Freedom is strength.


Actively enforcing the rule of law

Order and chaos are natural opposites.


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