Nicknames: Faces, Divas, Pretty Boys

The Pandaimonion is one of the largest Teragen factions, though the majority of its members are nothing more than poseurs and wannabes used by Narcosis to expand her influence across the globe. The sheer numbers involved with the Pandaimonion give Narcosis substantial pull and weight among the Teragen. If there is ever a need for "loyal revolutionaries" to lead a charge, all Narcosis has to do is make a phone call - allowing the Teragen to spare its more valuable members from needless slaughter. To some, this may seem hypocritical, but the Teragen are fighting a war, and a few sacrifices are unavoidable.

Membership: The self-proclaimed gods and divas of the Pandaimonion are the Teragen's pretty boys. A good number have ties to the entertainment industry, mainly N! and the XWF, while others are dilettantes and playboys no longer content to play the baseline field. Because of this, the Pandaimonion has access to a number of contacts and resources, adding to the Teragen's arsenal. A few members, including Boom-Boom Harmon, are beginning to tire of Narcosis and want the spotlight for themselves.

Motivations: The Pandiamonion exists only to further Narcosis' agenda of increasing her own fame and brainwashing baselines into becoming her followers. While an ardent supporter of the Teragen, she also has her own self-promotion in mind, potentially making her a danger to her fellow Terats.

Allies and Foes: Beautiful, petty and demented, Narcosis plays the Teragen like an instrument, though Scripture scrutinizes her relentlessly to prevent her from doing and damage. She has wrangled the Pandiamonion into a position of importance, if only for their sheer number of contacts, which makes it hard for most to ignore the "Terats Siren". Unfortunately, the radicals dismiss Narcosis as a fake, and the more conservative Terats disapprove of her public persona.

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