Garou glyph for factory/pollution.

Panacea Pharmaceuticals is a medical company subsidiary of Magadon, Incorporated - one of many fronts for the Pentex corporation.


Panacea was developed in the late 1970's as the pet project of Harold Hines for his Freakfeet, but it is also the brainchild of Harold Zettler (Pentex board member and Malkavian antitribu), whose interest in medical atrocities dates back to his nights as a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz. The company was officially founded in 1986, and Zettler accquired a controlling share (53%) of Panacea's stock. Hines has a private office here, as does Ben Stillson. An Obertus revenant (Mr. Zygote), may also be found here, scrutinizing the company's financial records and generally lurking about.

The plant is not visible from the main roads, as it lies in a peninsula that juts out into a great lake, situated at the end of a tertiary road marked as "Private". First Teams, some of them Fomori, patrol the grounds and security cameras sweep the perimeter. The Penumbra's natural beauty of the site gives way to the sulfurous stench of a Hellgole (the Gauntlet rating is 7 in the surrounding grounds, and it increases to 9 once inside the building. Several of the trees that dot the landscape are inhabited by Blight Children. There are also minor bane spirits here, but they appear mindless and do not attack, but feed vulturelike on any fallen intruders.[1]

The main Holding for Panacea Pharmaceuticals is located in Beaumont Texas. It is Operated by Josh Hicks. The building is 3 stories with 2 levels of underground labs where they work on experiments and other projects. The newest drugs , both good and bad come out of this sleep little Texas town. The city government looks the other way most having been payed enough to live on for life in a year.[citation needed]


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