Palmer Ward







Palmer Ward is a Malkavian who is the head of a small coterie named the Darwin Society who exist effectively as Autarkis.


In his mortal life, Ward had been a graduate student who was part of a college club called the "Darwin Society" who discussed Darwin's writings and social philosophy. Unfortunatly, Ward came to the attention of a Malkavian, who envied the young man for his intelligence. For two weeks, Ward was instructed by his sire before the Malkavian was destroyed by a fire in his Haven.

After that, Ward returned to his former club, introducing himself with the words that he would show them what survival truly entailed. Questioning the worth of morals in the face of survival, he embraced every member of the club and set them against each other until only four of the neonates remained. Ward congratulated the survivors and reinstated the club with the goal to ensure their own survival. When Ward was contacted by the Sabbat, he saw the value in having the protection of a sect and joined them, along with his four childer, forming a pack.

When the war against the Camarilla on the East coast began, the Darwin Society considered this too dangerous for them and defected to the Camarilla. After ten years, when the fighting had abided, the group began to reconsider their decision. They returned to their original hometown and were met by relieved Sabbat packs, who had thought them to be destroyed. Seeing the value in not being tied to one affiliation, the coterie began to live a double-life. During six months, they posed as a regular Sabbat pack, while in the other six months, they were loyal members of a Camarilla domain. The coterie does avoid politics and prestation games and while they believe in Gehenna, they also think that by avoiding to settle in a specific position, their survival rate will rise. When the Elder Ones rise, they will ally with the stronger sect.


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