The Pact of Athens was a document that detailed the theology of the Ashen Priesthood of the Via Humanitatis.


At approximately 1270 BCE, a conclave of several early Prodigals, mostly including Brujah, Ventrue, Toreador, and Salubri, met at the city of Athens, because many of the attending vampires saw it as the official birthplace of the Road itself. The Pact of Athens acted as a formal guideline for the disparate currents in vampiric society that sought to stave off the Beast and keep their Humanity.


  • Desire no Harm
  • Inflict no Harm Needlessly
  • Honor the Artifice of Men and the Gods
  • Claim Not That Which Is Not Yours
  • Submit to No Evil Government
  • Embrace Reason and Knowledge
  • Abide Neither Wickedness Nor Monstrousness
  • Do No Evil in the Pursuit of Goodness