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The P'o (pronounced roughly p-ho) is the lower soul of a creature. The exact nature of a P'o varies based on the game.

Wraith: The Oblivion Edit

The P'o is a specific attribute of ghosts of the Yellow Springs in Wraith: The Oblivion. It is effectively an Asian wraith's Shadow, but is generally more tradition-bound and more concerned with protection of the body rather than the active nihilism of its western counterpart. Some wraiths can actually exist with a p'o alone but not be a Spectre; these are called hungry ghosts, or kuei.

Kindred of the East Edit

In Kindred of the East, a Kuei-Jin's P'o is an archetypal personality, serving the same function as a wraith's Shadow. In addition, all Kuei-jin characters (and dhampyrs) have a P'o attribute, which governs the strength of the lower soul relative to the higher soul. Spirits in Kindred of the East books are given a P'o rating that corresponds to the Rage rating of spirits in Mage and Werewolf books.


In Exalted, the P'o is primarily a plot device, in that it serves to motivate hungry ghosts and to protect the tomb but does not actively take a role in the game.

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