The Ozuzo are Ajaba that have fallen to the Wyrm in the wake of Black Tooth's genocide of their people.


The Ozuzo are a new phenomenon. Before, no Ajaba had fallen to the Wyrm, since the werehyenas purged any who were threatened to be corrupted directly from their ranks. Since the diaspora of their people, this supervision has been lost and many Ajaba find themselves in places where they are unable to fulfill their duty to Gaia.

The Ajaba who would become the Ozuzo despised themselves for their weakness in the face of Black Tooths assault, believing it would have been better to die in battle than to flee. These were approached by the Defiler Wyrm, who offered them a way to turn this weakness into strength if they would show the ultimate weakness and admit defeat before the Wyrm by sacrificing their strongest traits to it.

The Ozuzo learned hidden knowledge in exchange, as well as abilities to corrupt their fellow werehyenas. An Ozuzo learns how to steal the strength of his fallen foes, and exudes an alluring charisma that draws those of werehyena blood to him. The Ozuzo prefer to kill the strong over the weak, because they view any strength that isn’t theirs as their own weakness. The fallen Ajaba grows stronger from feasting on the souls of his opponents; while murdering the strongest most empowers the Ozuzo, in a pinch anyone will do. By drawing other Ajaba to them, the Ozuzo will prove their strength against everything, even Gaia, by fighting for the Wyrm.

The Ajaba lose one of their Yavas, but gain a new weakness in exchange. For every lunar cycle that the Ozuzo doesn’t consume another shapeshifter’s strength, she permanently loses a dot from her highest Attribute.


The Ozuzo are a creation of author Leath Sheales, made in response to a forum request on Onyx Path Publishing. The entry was published on May 5th, 2015 on


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