Birth Name: Unknown
Chosen Name: Ozaki
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Before November 21, 1999[1]
Place of Origin: Japan
Occupation: director of Project Proteus nova affairs
Default Association: Project Proteus

Director Ozaki is a cipher even within Project Proteus. No official title within Project Utopia exists for him other then "consultant".


Sometime at the onset of the Nova Age, Ozaki erupted, much to his delight. He helped to usher in Japan's Saisho[1]. He manipulated much of Japan to become the strong country he felt it should be. When the Japanese government and the Yakuza independently discovered what he was doing, he had to escape. His only way out was Project Utopia. Director Thetis convinced him to come work for her as a part of Project Proteus. In exchange, she would delete any record of his existance from all databases. Ozaki agreed, but he believes Thetis keeps his records in a file somewhere just in case she needs to blackmail him.

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Storyteller InformationEdit

Ozaki has been involved in many Project Proteus initives. He has found many of the latest of Director Thetis' orders... questionable. This includes having to organize the Slider Scandal and seeing it to its conclusion. It is only his fear of his identity being revealed that keeps him from rebelling. But that may only be a matter of time...


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