Owlsback is a Library the size of a mountain that constantly changes its location within the Hedge.


The Owlsback is a mountain. It has no static location; it moves. One may spot it through the heat vapor rising off sun-baked Hedge walls, and then upon reorienting to get a better look will find that it has seemingly vanished. It has earned its name because the shape of the mountain calls to mind an owl, hunched over and gnawing on prey. The entire mountain — yes, you read that right — is a library. It constitutes just about an infinite number of books, parchments, scrolls, newspapers, magazines and other forms of written media. It is easily as Byzantine in its organization as the Hedge itself.

Books lurk at the top of ladders, comprise the walls of various tunnels and boltholes, fill entire banquet halls (replete with place settings where the plates have no food, only books). It’s manned by a series of hobs that live and breed there, sometimes stopping to eat the pages of books or, even better, to eat one another. The library is ultimately home to most of the books ever printed, but good luck finding them. Some true gems hide within the endless halls and tunnels, rewarding those changelings that find them. Taking books from the library, however, is not an option: the hobgoblins that dwell here swarm upon the thief, biting and scratching. If a changeling succeeds in taking a book from Owlsback, it disintegrates into meaningless items — fly wings, loose threads, fingernail clippings, and the like.

Changelings that come across books on the ancient pacts between the True Fae and the elements of the world will learn much treasured knowledge, indeed. Those who get a look at such a book can buy nonaffinity Contracts as if they were affinity, one for each book found.


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