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Orphan-Grinder symbol

Orphan-Grinders are one of the Shades in Orpheus, one of the last revealed in the metaplot. Those who become Orphan-Grinders are former Spectres who have somehow had their humanity triggered, giving them Vitality and allowing them to separate themselves from the hive-mind. They still possess some Spectral contact if they so desire through their Horrors.

Orphan-Grinders may still possess some of the personality traits they had before they turned Spectre, but they are never as colorful or in-depth as they were before they fell into Spectredom. What drives all Orphan-Grinders is a sense of purpose to put a stop to Grandmother and the Spectres, either through destruction or redemption. Deviant, Monster, and Wretch are three examples of Natures that Orphan-Grinders tend to adapt following their return to being a ghost.

Orphan-Grinders are unique among the Shades for a number of reasons. First, only spirits can become Orphan-Grinders, making it the only Shade the living cannot possess. Like regular spirits, Orphan-Grinders have an "evil twin" of sorts, but this twin is known as a Gemini instead of a Doppelganger, and actually has Vitality and the Orphan-Grinder’s former Horrors.

Second, they have no Shade restrictions and can take any other Shade they so desire; however, a non-Orphan Grinder may not learn any Orphan-Grinder Horrors unless they become one themselves.

Third, being an Orphan-Grinder is a changeable state. It is possible to shed all of their spite and return to being a regular ghost, in which case all Orphan-Grinder abilities and Horrors are stripped away and replaced with one of the other Horrors. However, if an Orphan-Grinder again accumulates enough Spite to become a Spectre, it becomes a special breed known as a Lawgiver. Lawgivers are direct puppets of Grandmother, and have no memory of their former lives. Once an Orphan-Grinder becomes a Lawgiver, they have no chance of becoming a normal ghost again.

Unlike many other Horrors, the Orphan-Grinder Horrors have no reflecting Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion, at least not those accessible to player characters. It does, however, share many abilities in common with several Dark Arcanoi.

Horrors Edit

First-TierOblivion’s Husk: This ability allows an Orphan-Grinder to detect Spectres, camouflage themselves from Spectres, or gain a Spectral appearance.

Second-TierHellion: An Orphan-Grinder can summon a Spectral horse using this ability.

Third-TierVector: Unlike Skinriding, an Orphan-Grinder can possess a ghost using this ability.

Third-Tier (alternate)Song of the Hive: This Horror lets an Orphan-Grinder temporarily tap back into the Spectral hive-mind.

Fourth-TierSalvation: Using this ability, an Orphan-Grinder can infuse a Spectre with Vitality and reduce their Spite to turn them into an Orphan-Grinder.

Crucible Horror: None

Manifestation Forms Edit

Zero Vitality: Appears as a rolling black cloud of smoke or grayish mist.

One Vitality: Appears as an oozing, oily puddle.

Two Vitality: Fully human, with a sad or withdrawn appearance. Will avoid crossing shadows in this form out of superstition.


Orpheus Shades

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