Orobas, also called the Master of Toads, is a powerful Earthbound demon active during the Dark Medieval. A warped, primal force of gluttony and physical lust, Orobas manifests as a grotesque, toad-like figure, at once slightly comical and deeply, viscerally repellent.


Summoned millennia ago and bound into a statue of wet, slimy sandstone, Orobas cult was destroyed and his reliquary lost. It was around the 1210s that a too inquisitive Waldensian scholar, after reading ancient church documents about an abhorrent sect, discovered the demon’s reliquary buried in a German bog; his descent into madness was the trickle of warped faith the demon needed to return to unnatural life once more.

Classified as a demon of gluttony (likely originally a Rabisu with ties to animals classified as "vermin"), Orobas focused on physical pleasures, but his purview also contained small animals, poison, bodily wastes and hungers.

After his reawakening, Orobas main seat of power was the archdiocese of Mainz in the Holy Roman Empire. Here, his cult, the Luciferans, dwelled among the villages and towns. The cult preached nothing more complex than the supremacy of the flesh and the right of its members to indulge every gross and sickening desire. The cult started as a group of Waldensians, a heretical Christian movement similar to the Cathars of France, but Orobas’ influence dragged them into degeneracy and madness over the course of two decades.

Orobas intended to use his cult to draw the Inquisition to Mainz, letting them be wiped out for the chance to corrupt some Inquisitors and carry his influence into the church. It is not known if Orobas scheme was successful or if his reliquary is still somewhere in Germany.