Orobas is a powerful demon. A warped, primal force of gluttony and physical lust, Orobas manifests as a grotesque, toad-like figure, at once slightly comical and deeply, viscerally repellent.


Summoned millennia ago and bound into a statue of wet, slimy sandstone, Orobas has spent much of the last 500 years dreaming in stasis, his cult destroyed, his worship forgotten. It was only 30 years ago that a tooinquisitive Waldensian scholar, after reading ancient church documents about an abhorrent sect, discovered the demon’s reliquary buried in a German bog; his descent into madness was the trickle of warped faith the demon needed to return to unnatural life once more. Now Orobas looks upon a world vastly changed from the one he recalls, but he cares not for such petty details. All that matters is his desire to feed.

Orobas is a demon of gluttony, and not a complex or subtle one. Obsessed with the pleasures (and horrors) of the flesh, he burns with insatiable and inhuman lusts. His infernal powers pertain mainly to the gross physical aspects of nature, and the appetites of humans and beasts. He is the Master of Toads, and can conjure up swarms of toads, rats, flies and other vermin. He also controls poisons, pollution and bodily waste, and can awaken uncontrollable hungers and lusts in mortals. His presence drives away most non-verminous animals, but leaves others deformed and aggressive.

It appears to be a creature of little thought or foresight, capering openly before God and inviting retribution from the Church. Even his worshippers venerate his foulness and appetites, not his intellect, and see him as a being of the body rather than the mind. But while Orobas is not on the level of inhuman geniuses like Belial, he is anything but foolish; and his brutish obviousness has a scheme behind it. From the minds of his followers, Orobas knows of the Church’s power and intolerance to heresy — but he also knows of its arrogance, and its suppression of the desires of its members. The demon knows that lust and gluttony is never truly removed from the human soul, just controlled and temporarily ignored. And control is a fragile thing.

Orobas wants the Inquisition to come to Mainz, and to wipe out the Luciferians; he cares nothing for his followers, and gains faith primarily from those who worship in secret. But in order to gain more followers, he needs power and influence, and no mortal organization commands more power than the Church. By making his cult so public, Orobas makes it a target — and when the Church comes to wipe it out, Orobas will be waiting for them, promising the inquisitors the chance to indulge every repressed and denied desire within their hearts. Should he succeed, the Church will leave Mainz far more corrupt than when it arrived, and every inquisitor will carry a toad in his robe.



The Luciferians

Cults Orobas currently only has one cult, but it is widespread and quite visible. Called the Luciferians by outsiders, these degenerates lurk within the villages and towns of the Mainz archdiocese in Germany. The cult preaches nothing more complex than the supremacy of the flesh and the right of its members to indulge every gross and sickening desire. The cult started as a group of Waldensians, a heretical Christian movement similar to the Cathars of France, but Orobas’ influence dragged them into degeneracy and madness over the course of two decades.

Most inhabitants of Mainz know of the Luciferians, of their mass orgies and toad-kissing rites. The cult makes little attempt to hide its existence (although members keep their involvement secret); in these times of hardship and hunger, Orobas believes mortals will come running to a faith that actively encourages them to give in to their desires. Other aspects of the cult are even less savory. Rape, murder, sadism; there are many lusts that tempt mortals in the darkness, and Orobas permits every one of them. The Church views the Luciferians as the worst kind of heretics and demonworshippers (and rightly so), and is on the verge of appointing the infamous Conrad of Marburg, a crusade preacher who extorted his soldiers to atrocities in the name of Christ during the Sixth Crusade, to wipe the cult from the region. Should this happen, members of the shadow Inquisition will no doubt accompany the “official” crusade against this vileness.


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