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Orlando Oriundus


Tremere antitribu









Orlando Oriundus is a 5th generation Tremere antitribu, childe of the infamous rebel Goratrix.


Orlando Oriundus is a moon-faced, elderly former mage known for his outrageous claims. For example, he says that once he developed a ritual to travel back in time and acted as factotum to Alexander the Great. Goratrix embraced him despite his obvious charlatanry.

As a Cainite, Orlando showed an insight that he never demonstrated in life. He became Goratrix's closest adviser on mortal politics. He said that as an accomplished liar, he can easily sniff the deceptions of others. During the Dark Ages Orlando has adopted a false identity of a Burgundian monk known as "Brother Osvaldus". In this guise, he accompanied wealthy pilgrims, accumulating gossip useful to Goratrix's schemes. As Osvaldus, he went with King Philip to the Holy Land, where he discovered a list of Salubri names.

In time, Goratrix has come to greatly value Orlando's counsel, but also instructed him to pay frequent visits to Ceoris. Orlando eventually became one of the most trusted agents of Goratrix during the Dark Ages, surpassed only by Malgorzata. Not much more is known about Orlando's unlife, except that he traveled to the Third Crusade beside Marcel Dreux, a knight hungry for battle.

In modern nights, he joined his master Goratrix in the ranks of the Tremere Antitribu, and has attained the title of Bishop within the Sabbat. His fate following the destruction of most antitribu is unrecorded.



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