The Order of Reason was founded in 1325, a group dedicated to the protection of humanity from the depredations of the supernatural — specifically mages, and more specifically the Order of Hermes.

History Edit

Dark Ages Edit

  • 1335
    • Solificati split from Order.

Renaissance Edit

  • 17th century
    • The Order begins to distance itself from its more flamboyant foundations. Records and artifacts from the era of the early Ascension Conflict are "lost." Information on the Art is destroyed, suppressed or revised. [1]
  • 1670
    • The Craftmasons are betrayed and exterminated by the Cabal of Pure Thought, the High Guild and the Ksirafai. [2]
    • Ksirafai erases all records of the Craftmasons. [3]
  • 1745
    • The White Tower of Languedoc is destroyed in a magical battle. The Traditions get the blame, although it's uncertain if they were actually responsible. [4]

Victorian Age Edit

  • 19th century
    • The Order falls further into decadence towards the middle of the century.
  • Late 1830s
    • Cabal of Pure Thought largely purged due to Christian beliefs. Some, instead of believing they channel the power of God, choose to believe that logic and reason are God's gifts, and remain within the Order of Reason.
  • 1851
    • The Order of Reason undergoes a reorganization at the Great Exposition in London. Attending the Exposition were:
      • The Artificers, who believe the universe and everything in it is a machine.
      • The Celestial Masters, scholars of the heavens.
      • The Difference Engineers, experts with statistics and the flow of information.
      • The Hippocratic Circle, dedicated to the improvement of human life through medical science.
      • The High Guild, who know that money is what drives not only progress and invention but all of society.
      • The Void Seekers, who seek to map the unknown corners of the world.
      • The Voltarian Order, focused on the transmission of energy in all its forms.

After the Exposition, they first became the group known as the Technocratic Union. [7]

The Ksirifai, being nearly completely unknown at this point, purge several of their own members and all remaining records of their existence, and lay the foundations for the future New World Order. (q.v. House Janissary) [8]

References Edit

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