Odin (or Wotan) is referred by the Get of Fenris as their single greatest enemy.

It is uncertain if the Odin described in Get legends is the vampire of the same name, a mythical figure or something else entirely.


The Garou tell he came from Asia[1], from a realm called Asgard, and that he was regarded as an equal in battle by Great Fenris himself. The Galliards of the tribe tell lengthy stories over how Odin made war against the Tribal Caern of Heimhalla due to the trickery of Loki False-Sayer, by inciting the war between the Jotunn realm of Utgard and the Garou of Heimhalla again[2]. Thanks to the aid of the traitors Freke and Gere, he managed to enter the Caern and slay Fenris' mate, Sigun, and destroyed Heimhalla while searching for its center.

The Get of Fenris tell that Odin could make the earth open for him, bring life to the corpses of hanged men and that he could change the properties of both dead items and living creatures. Through his servants, the ravens Hugin and Munin, he could send his consciousness across the world and even separate his spirit from his body. It is told that he had twelve disciples, whom he had instructed in his arts and that he was, in fact, immortal, unable to be slain by mortal hands[3].

The Get tells that Odin ruled a great empire, that stretched from Germania to Russia, and that the Get of Fenris made war upon it following the loss of Heimhalla. They tell of the glorious battle at the Sept of the Fimbul Winter-Night, where chosen Elders sacrififced their physical forms to allow Great Fenris access to the material realm to slay the murderer of his wife[4]. The ensuring struggle between the titans was long , but resulted in Get victory. Odin was killed, but rose again as a thrall of the Wyrm, his powers greatly enhanced and he was supported by Black Spiral Dancers and Fomori.

Even members of the Get of Fenris fell under his spell, under them Tyr, who later repented his role in the Binding of Great Fenris and is remembered in the Hand of Tyr camp. In a last battle in the Ural mountains, the spirit of Great Fenris was bound by vile sorceries of Odin, but he himself perished in the battle, having accomplished the Wyrm's goal of barring Gaia's greatest warrior from the mortal realms. Odin's soul fled into the Umbra and it is said that when he accesses the physical world again, Great Fenris chains will break and the Apocalypse will begin[5].

The Get of Fenris call the Red Star the Eye of Wotan in remembrence of their old enemy[6].


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