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Odin, the All-High, is an ancient Gangrel Methuselah who was the center of the Scandinavian Einherjar society. The All-High ruled the north, and was worshiped as the one-eyed god Odin until the coming of Christianity.

Supposedly lies in torpor somewhere in Sweden, waiting for Gehenna.


Not much is known about the living days of the All-High, only that he was old when he ventured to the North. For some time, he served as a priest for Germanic people, who identified him with Odin, an identity he gladly adopted. He tried to use the various Germanic tribes to crush the ascending Roman Empire, some claim out of spite for the Ventrue and their Methuselah Germanicus in particular, others claim out of a dislike for civilization in general.

When the Empire collapsed, he moved forward to Uppsala, where he was worshipped as a living god, while he inspired strife among the various shapechangers of the North in order to strengthen his grip on its inhabitants. During these days, he travelled extensively across Scandinavia, embracing various childer who later formed his Walkurie, those who searched for heroes and brought them to his temple in Uppsala to serve as ghouls at his side in the battles against the Lupine Get of Fenris, and his Einherjar who fought at his behest against the encroaching influence of his enemies, by sending out viking raids to the southern nations to burn and to pillage what they had wrought.

Those who were honored by the All-High were allowed to dine within his temple hall. Due to the magic of the Blood-Horn, the progeny of the All-High and the Methuselah himself were able to substain themselves without raiding much of the mortal population. The All-High regulated much of the cainites unlife in the North, as nearly every powerful cainite within Scandinavia was part of his progeny. Many of his customs were adopted by local elders who styled themselves as childer(or grandchilder) of the All-High in order to impress their lackeys.

When Christianity came to the North, the people of Sweden converted en masse. They stormed the temple of the All-High and drove him off with fire, steel and true faith. With his disappearance, paganism and the established order among the Norse vampires fell apart and his followers vanished in the dark.

In 1977, his grandchilde Brunhilde found his torpid body after a group of Camarilla kindred found the bloodless bodies of several werewolves. It seems possible that the All-High had become addicted to Lupine vitae, as five years later, the All-High seemed to risen again for a short period of time in order to hunt lupines. It has also become a rumor that the All-High controls Brunhilde and her Walkurie by sending coteries of young Walkuries to California to recruit anarchs for their cause or assassinating the Swedish prime minister in 1986.


Odin, or Wotan, is referred by the Get of Fenris as their single greatest enemy.

It is unclear if the Odin described in the Lupine legends is the same as the All-High or something else entirely.


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