An Obloquy ("OB-luhkwee"), also called a "negative confession", is the procedure that allows a Mummy to be reevaluated in the ranks of its chosen Guild.

Obloquies can only be issued when the Mummy is on its Descent. It is seen as a matter of poor taste and mockery of Irem's customs to awaken a Mummy just for an Obloquy.


Obloquies are the affairs of guildmasters, but can only be formally initiated by regular members. During the trial, the accusing party (named Confessor), seeks to attack the mummies status, while the suppliant seeks to defend his case. An Obloquy hearing takes many hours and is a solemn affair in which all relevant evidence is considered and weighed by those in attendance - a number that must include not only at least one guildmaster, but at least one member of the Sesha-Hebsu, for any trial result is neither official nor recorded without one. The Sesha-Hebsu acts as the final arbiter of an Obloquy.

This process functions in reverse when Arisen wish to petition for a raise in Guild Status. The opponent is whichever rival chooses to oppose the promotion, a guildmaster (only) may oppose a Guild Status promotion on his own behalf at no risk to himself, but only if he has support from all his other guildmates in that nome besides the petitioner

Every guild-member can issue an Obloquy once per Descent without fear of repercussions. If a mummy, however, accuses too many times, their own Guild Status can be threatened if they loose an Obloquy.