Nusku, the Visage of Fire is one of the Apocalyptic Forms avaliable to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Namaru.

The Nusku are wreathed in half-illusory flames and generally exhibit the splendour of fire, with sun-bright eyes and a palpable aura of heat. Nusku are immune to fire damage as well. Nusku also tend to burn hot and fast in their personality, reflecting their chosen Visage, with no room for compromise and a fanatical devotion to any causes they dedicate themselves to. High-Torment Nusku become sullen embers, treacherous like lava with a thin crust of cool rock; their personalities become withdrawn, only flaring up suddenly during emotional rises.

The Nusku, for all their destructive powers, were surprisingly versitile in their creative capabilities. The stars, the sun, and lighting were all created by the Nusku, though the actual control of these objects passed to the Neberu and the Lammasu. The Nusku also helped the Bel kindles "fires of Faith"in humans, as well as teaching the humans to harness the powers of fire once the Rebellion began.

Background InformationEdit

In ancient Babylon and Assyria, Nusku was the name of the god of fire and light. Much like the Visage named for him, Nusku was in charge of both heavenly and terrestrial flames.

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