Nunnehi are a type of changeling native to North America.



While Eurasian changelings walked the Changeling Way to survive the Shattering, Native American changelings took a different path; initially bonding with highly spiritual people who agreed to host them, they remained quiescent within their hosts until they had a child, upon which the Nunnehi would bond with the child before birth. From then on, they would continue to manifest in members of their chosen tribe.

Unlike other changelings, who are exiled from Arcadia, the Nunnehi have lost all connection to their native realms, the Higher Hunting Grounds, and are unable to venture beyond the near Dreaming. There are theories as to why this is, such as the death of their peoples and the loss of their beliefs resulting in the destruction of their realms, but no definite explanation.

The Nunnehi have learned to draw Glamour - or Medicine, as they call it - directly from the natural world, and can venture into the Middle Umbra given the right conditions.


Their kith-equivalents are known as Families, with whole Families being called Nations, resulting in the collective term "Nunnehi Nations". They include:

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