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A Numen (plural Numina) is a supernatural power possessed by ghosts, spirits, qashmallim and some other types of supernatural creature.

Ghost NuminaEdit

Ghosts manifest numina based on their age: older ghosts will have a number of numina while the recently dead will have fewer.

World of Darkness RulebookEdit

  • Animal Control: The ghost is able to dominate and control an animal for a scene.
  • Clairvoyance: Temporarily taking over a mortal's voice, the ghost can speak through them.
  • Compulsion: The ghost is able to force mortals to bend to their will.
  • Ghost Sign: The ghost is able to create messages in malleable media.
  • Ghost Speech: The ghost is able to speak directly to mortals when it manifests.
  • Magnetic Disruption: The ghost's presence causes electronic equiment to malfunction and distort.
  • Phantasm: With Essence, the ghost can create illusory images.
  • Possession: The ghost is able to take control of a living human being temporarily.
  • Telekinesis: The ghost is able to manipulate physical objects as though they had a physical set of hands.
  • Terrify: When the ghost manifests, it strikes terror in the hearts of onlookers.

Mummy: The CurseEdit

  • Dead Eyes: An intruder/revenant can see ghosts in Twilight.
  • Dead Skin: An embodied ghost can use this Numen to step into Twilight.
  • Flight of Shadows: The ghost can fly instead of walking like mortals.
  • Hallowed Passion: The ghost has a Passion that is a holy task given by an Arisen.
  • Impassioned Soul: Rather than being tied to Anchors, the ghost is ruled entirely by its Passions.
  • Inspiration: The ghost can cause others to feel the pull of its Passions.
  • Intruder: The ghost can steal a dead body to inhabit.
  • Lucid Dead: The ghost recalls much of its human self and remembers its life.
  • Maddening: Stronger than the Terrify Numen, the ghost causes derangements when it manifests.
  • Old Soul: The ghost is ancient, centuries old with increased abilities to match.
  • Phantom Arsenal: The ghost grows claws and other weapons.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ghost can create and control fires.
  • Regeneration: The ghost can heal its Corpus or inhabited body.
  • Revenant: The ghost inhabits its own body and becomes one of the Lifeless.
  • Siphon: The ghost can drain other ghosts' energy by touching them.
  • Spectral Toughness: The ghost doesn't suffer wound penalties or fall unconscious.
  • Spirit Prowess: The ghost can use Essence to boost attributes or Corpus.
  • Stalker: The ghost can form a new anchor with a new mortal they have encountered.
  • Stolen Pillars: The ghost can drain energy from mortals and steal Pillar dots from mummies to gain soul affinities.
  • Twilight Abduction: The ghost can drag targets into Twilight with it.
  • Untethered: The ghost can travel far beyond its anchors.
  • Will From Power: The ghost can trade Essence for Willpower.

Geist: The Sin-EatersEdit

  • Banshee Wail: The ghost unleashes an earsplitting scream that deafens those around it.
  • Chain of Death: When inhabiting a body with Corpse Ride, the ghost can jump to new corpses of those it kills.
  • Corpse Ride: The ghost inhabits a dead body, animating and controlling it.
  • Dement: The ghost can torment a target with visions, possibly giving them a derangement.
  • Dissembling Guise: The ghost can assume the form of someone that has passed who is important to the target.
  • Harrow: The ghost can push its own emotions onto the target.
  • Left-Handed Spanner: The ghost temporarily disables a technological device.
  • Looking Glass: The ghost can project its image into glass, mirrors, or other reflective surfaces.
  • Mechanical Possession: The ghost inhabits and controls a machine or vehicle near one of its anchors.
  • One Step Behind: The ghost can temporarily adopt a living target as an anchor.
  • Plasticity: The ghost creates hands, faces, and other body parts from solid objects.
  • Speed: The ghost adopts incredible swiftness for a scene.

Spirit NuminaEdit

Spirits gain numina based on their power level, with newly self-aware spirits having only a few Numina and extremely powerful spirits having many.

Werewolf: The ForsakenEdit

In Werewolf games, spirits can also use Gifts as Numina.

  • Blast: The spirit can strike opponents at a distance.
  • Chorus: The spirit can talk to any spirits from its own choir in the area.
  • Claim: A more powerful form of possession, the spirit can permanently inhabit a body.
  • Discorporation: The spirit can voluntarily discorporate and reform elsewhere.
  • Fetter: The spirit can inhabit an object without the need to materialize.
  • Gauntlet Breach: The spirit can push through the Gauntlet like the Uratha.
  • Harrow: The spirit can cripple opponents with a particular emotion.
  • Living Fetter: The spirit can fetter itself into a living being instead of an inanimate object.
  • Materialize: The spirit can abruptly shift from Twilight to the material world.
  • Material Vision: The spirit can briefly look through the Gauntlet from the Shadow Realm.
  • Possession: The spirit can temporarily take control of a living being.
  • Reaching: The spirit can use Numina through the Gauntlet into the material realm.
  • Wilds Sense: The spirit can sense other spirits and locations in its immediate area.

Mage: The AwakeningEdit

In Mage games, spirits can also use spells as Numina. This book also contains Blast, Claim, Discorporation, Fetter, Gauntlet Breach, Harrow, Living Fetter, Materialize, Material Vision, Reaching, and Wilds Sense as well as the following.

  • Innocuous: The spirit is very easily overlooked.
  • Soul Snatch: This Numen is somewhat the opposite of Claim; the spirit takes possession of the mortal's soul instead of their body.

Book of SpiritsEdit

This book lists all of the Numina from Werewolf: The Forsaken and Mage: The Awakening as well as the following.

  • Abduct: The spirit can drag targets across the Gauntlet and into Shadow.
  • Ban of Power: The spirit can take an additional ban to gain more power.
  • Camouflage: The spirit can blend into its surroundings to hide.
  • Chain of Death: A spirit using Corpse Ride can jump from its current host to the body of a victim.
  • Clasp: The spirit can lock a target into a crushing embrace.
  • Commune: The spirit can gain an awareness of its general surroundings.
  • Concealment: The spirit can use some means of hiding itself under a cover.
  • Corpse Ride: The spirit can inhabit and control a dead body.
  • Damnation's Path: The targets of this Numen are unable to regain Willpower except through their Vice.
  • Dement: The spirit can give the target a derangement.
  • Dessication: The spirit can pull fluid from the target's body.
  • Drain: The spirit can drain energy from targets.
  • Elemental Immunity: The element-spirit is immune to the element that makes it up.
  • Emotional Aura: Like Harrow, the spirit can broadcast a certain emotion to those around it.
  • Ensnare: The spirit can entangle its target in something like web, wire mesh, etc.
  • Fearstruck: The spirit can paralyze an opponent with fear.
  • Final Strike: When about to discorporate, the spirit can make one last attack.
  • Firestarter: The spirit can create a number of small fires over an area.
  • Freeze: The spirit can siphon heat from an area, causing the temperature to plummet.
  • Ghost-Eater: The spirit is able to steal Essence from and consume ghosts as if they were spirits.
  • Greater Influence: The spirit can increase the power of one of its influences.
  • Hallucinations: The spirit can create an illusion.
  • Heal: The spirit can heal others' wounds.
  • Hibernate: The spirit can enter a state of slumber in the Shadow to preserve Essence.
  • Howl: The spirit can let loose a blood-curdling scream that strikes fear in bystanders.
  • Left-Handed Spanner: The spirit temporarily disables a technological device.
  • Manipulate Element: The spirit can move and control elements under its purview.
  • Mechanical Possession: The spirit can take possession of a machine or vehicle that it has as a fetter.
  • Morphic Form: The spirit is able to change its shape for movement or hiding.
  • Mortal Mask: The spirit is able to transport itself across the Gauntlet and take the form of a mortal.
  • Omen Trance: The spirit can enter a meditative trance to gain a premonition or warning.
  • Pathfinder: The spirit pulls forth knowledge of the quickest path to where it wants to go.
  • Plague of the Dead: When using Chain of Death or Corpse Ride, the spirit can create animate dead from those it kills.
  • Rapture: The spirit can create ecstatic visions and overwhelming pleasure to manipulate mortals.
  • Rebirth: The spirit can consume and reincarnate mortal souls.
  • Regenerate: The spirit can heal its Corpus.
  • Savant: The spirit is particularly skilled at using a certain Numen.
  • Seek: The spirit can sense an event or thing in its purview and find its way to it.
  • Sleep Eater: The spirit drains hours of sleep from its victim.
  • Soul Harvest: A more powerful version of Soul Snatch, the spirit can also steal souls of supernatural creatures.
  • Speed: The spirit has incredible speed and can move at a much faster pace that mortals.
  • Spirit Minions: The spirit has made compacts with minor spirits that serve it.
  • Spirit Venom: The spirit injects a spirtual version into its victims.
  • Spiritual Vision: While manifested into the material realm, the spirit can peer into the spirit world.
  • Stalwart: The spirit is tougher than most, held together by a strong will.
  • Swarm Form: The spirit can break up into thousands of tiny parts be they sand grains, insects, etc.
  • Telekinesis: The spirit can manipulate objects without Materializing.
  • Telepathy: The spirit can directly link with other minds to communicate with them.
  • Thieve: The spirit can take physical, non-living objects across the Gauntlet and into Shadow.
  • Threshold: The spirit can create a temporary gateway through the Gauntlet.
  • Transmorgrify Victim: The spirit can reshape a host that it is inhabiting to make a terrible monstrosity.
  • Unfetter: The spirit can leave its fetters behind for a while.

Qashmallim NuminaEdit

While qashmallim often have unique powers, they share some common Numina as well. Transmutations can be used as Numina and qashmallim often have Numina resembling any of those common to ghosts and spirits. They also have the following Numina unique to their kind.

Promethean: The CreatedEdit

  • Command Pandoran: The Lilithim controls awakened Pandorans.
  • Grant Vision: The Elpidos enters the dreams of mortals or Prometheans to grant vivid revelations.
  • Materialize: The qashmal can become solid whenever it wishes.
  • Pyros Drain: The qashmal steals Pyros from any being that has it.

Pandora's BookEdit

  • Aggressive Meme: The qashmal speaks to a mortal and a certain idea takes root strongly.
  • Awe: The qashmal paralyzes onlookers with holy (or unholy) terror.
  • Blight: The Lilithim can destroy a year's crop of food within a radius of one mile.
  • Burning Coal: The Elpidos grants mortals the courage to follow its directions.
  • Chariot of Fire: The Elpidos transports the target with a circle of fire.
  • Clasp: The Materialized Lilithim wraps the target in a crushing embrace.
  • Emotional Aura: The qashmal extends its Pyros over a wide area, forcing strong emotions onto those in it.
  • End Disease: The Elpidos removes all disease from a living being.
  • Ersatz Morality: The Greater Elpidos causes a human being with a human element, such as a vampire or Promethean, to become fully human. 
  • Final Strike: The Lilithim can fight even to the point of destruction.
  • Ghastly Crew: The qashmal inhabits a corpse, animating and controlling it.
  • Heal the Land: The Elpidos lessens the Wasteland effect around a Promethean.
  • Imitation: The Materialized qashmal takes on the appearance of a human that it has met.
  • Immolate: The qashmal's hands are wreathed in cold Pyros of fire.
  • Impart: The qashmal infuses a mortal with Pyros and the use of its Numina.
  • Implant Delusion: The qashmal makes someone believe something untrue.
  • Invoke Disquiet: The Lilithim worsens Disquiet in an individual.
  • Invoke Firestorm: The Greater Lilithim brings Firestorms into being.
  • Mutagenic Blast: The Lilithim unleashes a blast of Pyros that causes Pandorans to form.
  • Manipulate Time: The Greater Elpidos rewinds time a few seconds to undo an event.
  • Parthenogenesis: The qashmal conceives a child with a woman without any sexual contract.
  • Pillar of Salt: The Greater Lilithim ends a mortal's life by transforming them into salt and dust.
  • Plague Crow: The Lilithim inflicts a mortal with diseases by touching them.
  • Pray for Rain: The Elpidos summons cool, refreshing rain over an area.
  • Pyretic Chorale: The Elpidos appears to divide into several figures, all of whom sing in unison.
  • Rain of Frogs: The Lilithim causes frogs, fish, or blood to fall from the sky, making Flux more likely to propogate.
  • Raise Flux: The Lilithim infects the surrounding area with Flux.
  • Recharge Pyros: The Materialized qashmal can recharge its Pyros from electricity.
  • Ressurection: The Greater Elpidos can raise the dead.
  • The Rising of the Light: The Greater Elpidos creates a pool of sunlight the area of a city block.
  • Seek: The qashmal finds its quarry instinctively.
  • Soothe Disquiet: The Elpidos lessens the level of Disquiet in an individual.
  • Teiresian Metamorphosis: The qashmal changes the gender of a living being.
  • Telekinesis: The qashmal lifts objects without needing to touch them or Manifest.


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