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Genial Rose Edit

History Edit

Growing up to a wealthy Hong Kong business man, Nuan Mei had no conscience and was without fear.  In life she was a hedonist and sensualist, eager to experience everything.  She died in an auto accident and thrust into the underworld.  She experienced the chaos of her life and realized she had no idea who she really was. She had no roots. 

Brought before Anguo Chun, Nuan Mei was given task after task in an attempt to fit her into Kuei-jin society.  Each time Nuan Mei realized she did not know any more about her purpose then she did when alive.

Nuan Mei declared herself heimin and broke away from her wu.  Her new existence is not so different then when she was living.  She hopes to find real meaning in her prolonged existence by associating with as much of the supernatural world as possible: nature spirits, hengeyokai, the occasional ghost and the few remaining Kin-jin.  She spends little to no time within Kuei-jin society.

Nuan Mei fears for herself and for her spirit friends all over Hong Kong with the changes China’s control will bring.  She is, however, planning on remaining in Hong Kong and experience whatever the future will bring.

Nuan Mei is pretty, particularly by Western standards.  Although she sometimes affects traditional dress (cheongam), she more often wears casual American or British styles.  She pulls her long hair back into a tight ponytail for trekking in the wilderness. (World of Darkness: Hong Kong, p. 77.)

Character Edit

Nature: Visionary

P'o Nature: The Slave

Demeanour: Bon Vivant

Chi Balance: Yang

Direction: South

Dharma: Devil-Tiger: 4

Physical: Strength: 2, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 4

Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 2, Appearance: 3

Mental: Perception: 4, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 3

Abilities: Alertness: 2, Animal Ken 2, Brawl: 1, Computer: 1, Dodge: 3, Drive: 2, Empathy: 4, Etiquette: 3, Linguistics: 2, Lore: Hengeyokai: 3, Melee: 2, Music: 2, Occult: 2, Science: Ecology): 2, Stealth: 1, Streetwise: 1, Subterfuge: 3

Disciplines: Black Wind: 1, Blood Shintai: 1, Equilibrium: 2, Internalize: 1, Yin Prana: 1, Yang Prana: 2

Backgrounds: Allies: 4, Resources: 3

Chi Virtues: Yin: 4, Yang: 6

Soul Virtues: Hun: 3, P'o: 5

Willpower: 5

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