Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1938
    • The Kristallnacht. SS, Gestapo and Nazi party militants attack over 7,500 shops and synagogues. Thousands of jews are imprisoned.[1]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2010
    • The World Court formally charges André Corbin for the murder of Jennifer "Slider" Landers, claiming he was mentally unbalanced at the time. However, the Aberrants step forth and present their own evidence showing that a nova named Chiraben was responsible for the murder, thus clearing Corbin. Chiraben is reportedly a highly-placed Utopian agent, working for a secret cabal inside Project Utopia. They also present evidence showing this cabal's complicity in Gabriel Melchior's disappearance, slavery during Operation Genesis, and escape. When confronted, Utopia claims the actions are those of extremists, and those responsible will be brought to justice.[2]

References Edit

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