Nicknames: Dark Angels, Liberators, Hammers

Next to Mal and Count Orzaiz, Nova Vigilance is the most identifiable and visible facet of the Teragen. NV is essentially a nova watchdog group, looking out for novas around the world and seeking retribution in their name. Seen as the counterpart of T2M, the two groups have clashed on a number of occasions. This delights N! and its viewers but worries Utopia and the world governments. Unlike the Primacy, NV is not motivated by any agenda beyond the protection and freedom of all novas. This does not mean keeping the kid gloves on, however. On the contrary, the Terats of NV are firm believers in the lex talionis: an eye for an eye - if you publicly slam novas, expect a demonstration, if you kill or injure a nova, expect the worst, as the Mayor of Tampa discovered.

Membership: Nova Vilgilance is currently one the most prominent factions in the Teragen. Geryon, Epoch and a few others are its core, but many other Terats (Synapse, Leviathan, Matador and The Confederate among them) often join NV in the field. With so many allies comes significant influence.

Motivations: Simply put, NV has had enough of baselines expecting novas to be the world's scapegoats. NV firmly believes that if they do not stand up for novas, baselines will only step up their program against the One Race. Chief among their concerns is Project Utopia and the rumors of a nova death camp in Bahrain.

Allies and Foes: The Primacy and NV have grown close in the last few months, and the lines are starting to blur between the two factions. Yet, some Terats of NV take exceptions to Shrapnel and The Confederate's stern anti-baseline agenda. For obvious reasons, Utopia and T2M oppose NV, but the baseline masses still gobble up NV merchandise.

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