Noppera-Bo is a species of Hobgoblin that inhabits the Hedge.




The Noppera-Bo most often appear initially masked as normal humans or changelings. They can take the form of any kith or seeming, but most often choose appearances that are either akin to those the hobgoblins wish to trick or that will be likely to elicit sympathy from their victims. Their masked forms are normally small in stature, however, and they often appear injured, ill or simply emaciated.

Noppera-Bo are especially fond of taking the shape of small children or beautiful, frail females. They may mask themselves as True Fae or some other dangerous encounter to be witnessed from afar, and thus herd the group in the “right” direction. Or, they may simply lend special effects to the “game,” taking the voices of dangerous predators, or even pretending to be fallen victims of some mysterious attacker as suits the drama being woven.

Assuming that one of the Noppera-Bo is eventually successful in connecting itself to the Hedge-travelers, it will attempt to gain their trust, offering small bits of helpful advice. The Noppera-Bo may be able to show them a safe Hollow to camp in briefly, or the location of some goblin fruit to aid in healing or perhaps lead them around some obvious obstruction or danger in their path. However, this aid is all a part of the Noppera-Bo’s game. Once the creature has earned their trust, it will begin leading them into trouble, rather than away from it.

Great kudos goes to those that are able to put their victims into several life-threatening situations in a row before being discovered, with the highest honors being given to those that are able to actually convince their quarry to sacrifice themselves to save the Noppera-Bo that has led them to their peril. When, at last, the Noppera-Bo’s duplicity has been discovered, they have one more trick to play. When confronted, they reveal their true form, hopeful that their lack of features will give their erstwhile victims one last fright before the troop escapes off into the depths of the Hedge.


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