A Nome is a territory controlled by the Guilds of the Arisen (or more specific, their individual Cults). In lost Irem, the area around the capitol (the City of Pillars) was its own nome, with the broader Nameless Empire divided into numerous additional nomes, each with its own imperial governor.

The modern nights, as well as the diminished numbers of the Arisen, make this arrangement unpractical. As a result, the size of a nome is usually determined by the number of the mortal population. Cities like Rio de Janeiro and London have up to two guildmasters per Nome, while smaller territories have only up to seven guildmasters (5 regular for each Guild, plus two from the the most influentual guilds), although exceptions do exist from time to time. The most influentual guildmasters are referred to as Nomarchs. If a guild within a given nome has reached its maximum of guildmasters, any guild members of sufficient Status who wish to remain in the congested nome will retain their Status but receive neither title nor associated privileges for having it.