Name: Noiad
Plural: Noiad
Nicknames: Wanderers
Faction: None
Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Protean
Parent Clan: Gangrel

"We are the children of Midnight Sun. We have a family. We have what you never could. And you want to tear it all down, don’t you?"

The Noiad are a Gangrel bloodline that dwelled in Finland in the Dark Ages. They are depicted as an alien bloodline that may represent the first Cainite presence on the continent of Europe.

They suffer from a variation of the Gangrel Curse that makes them unable to gain sustenance from animals.


The origin of the Noiads has been forgotten by Cainite and mortal alike. In the mind of the Noiads, they always dwelt in the North, guiding and protecting the Samí tribes in northern Scandinavia.

As they were extremely dependent on their mortal herds, the Noiads viciously denied any changes in their society, driving them further and further northward to escape the Viking cultures in Scandinavia. In doing this, the Noiads harmed their herds more than they helped them, leading to the death of many tribes and the bloodlines extinction, as they were stranded in complete isolated wilderness without any humans to feed upon. It is not known if members of the bloodline survived the 15th century.


The Noiad usually saw one another when they came to witness the Northern Lights (this also gave them the opportunity to make sure the gods were all telling them the same things). The Noiad also used animals, either ghouls or those controlled by the Animalism Discipline, to keep in some kind of contact.


The Noiads believed themselves divine beings, sent by the gods to guide and protect their chosen people from supernatural and mundane threats, as well as interpretating the omens of the Gods in the guovssahas, the Northern Lights.

The relation between the Noiads and their tribe was somewhat symbiotic: The Noiad would protect the tribe from enemies and act as a guide, shaman and teacher to them, while the tribe gave willingly of their blood and sheltered the Noiad during the long months with no darkness. In times of famine, the Noaid would ghoul members of the tribe to ensure their survival.


The Noiad dwelled openly among the Samí, and Embraced exclusively from this population. Those selected for Embrace tended to be those with talent for divination, as well as dream and star interpretation. The Noiad also watched children descended from families that included at least one vampire, looking for the traits they favored. Physicality was not a primary concern, but only because Samí that were not physically capable of thriving in the harsh climates didn't live long enough to be considered for the Embrace anyway.



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