Ninurtu, the Visage of the Wild is one of the Apocalyptic Forms avaliable to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Rabisu.

The Ninurtu reflect what they helped create; those who worked with trees may stand tall and sturdy, while those who worked with vines may be slender but strong. The Ninurtu can reflect the colors of the flowers and leaves they adore, and some resemble the classic Greek satyr, with hooved feet. High-Torment Ninurtu grow larger and more unkempt, resembling nightmarish growths one might find in a dark forest.

While their fellow Rabisu the Zaltu handled all of the animals, the Ninurtu were busy with the plants of the world, creating countless varieties and possibly outdoing the Zaltu for sheer variety. Many of the Ninurtu were content to let humanity alone, but a few of them wanted to work with humans, protecting them from the plants that might harm them. The few who became rebels used their plants as living warriors, but all for naught. After their time in the Abyss, very few Ninurtu feel fond of humans, or anything else in Creation for that matter. Some of the Ninurtu would be content to stop humanity from destroying their wonderous creations; just as many would be happy if everything was eliminated.

Background informationEdit

Ninurtu is another name for Nin-girsu, the Sumerian god of fertility and irrigation.

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