An apocalyptic Gehenna cult, the Ninth Wave believe that the end times begin when magic reaches a critical point that enables the Antediluvians to rise from torpor.


The Ninth Wave has developed a threefold plan for averting Gehenna. First, the Masquerade has to be upheld no matter the cost and by any means necessary. Therefore, the Ninth Wave loathes the Sabbat and its methods, because its members believe this sect will only bring the destruction of all Kindred. That is why they refuse membership to any Cainites of the Black Hand. Second, the cult is determined to kill most of the mages on Earth to keep them from opening other mortals' eyes for other realities. Third, the cult attacks the strange beings commonly known as faeries as well (although they more often refer to them as "sidhe"). The cultists show no doubts concerning their philosophies and point to certain passages in the Book of Nod and their own theories with regard to the nature of torpor and the Kindred's mystic powers to offer proof of their beliefs. Many members of the cult believe faerie advance troops or scouts are already active on Earth. They collect information on the fae, ranging from current eyewitness accounts to ancient tales, myths and legends about their enemies.