Ninsun, also called the Visage of Patterns, is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Neberu who specialize in the Lore of Patterns.

The Ninsun are covered in shining, intricate patterns and symbols older than recorded history; they usually also boast perfect symmetry in their bodies. Sometimes, their skin acquires a deep indigo color or the patterns appear to alter themselves over time. A few Ninsun also have wings. The patterns (and sometimes skin) of High-Torment Ninsun darken and their eyes become empty voids. Some grow extra arms, but oddly, they keep their perfect symmetry. However, they appear distant and unfocused on the world around them.

The Ninsun spent countless eras putting everything in the universe into its proper place. Humans could not even begin to understand the system of order used by these Fallen, but the Ninsun knew it perfectly, backwards and forwards, and could even accurately predict its actions. They created the rules of existence, of science, and even of ethics. After the Fall, the Ninsun were, for the first time in their existence, uncertain of anything and everything. Many speculate God destroyed their meticulous order to make it harder for the rebellious Ninsun to use their abilities for Lucifer and the other Fallen. Many modern Ninsun attempt to return their old places and repair the universe, lest it fall out of alignment and do a horrific amount of damage.

Background informationEdit

Ninsun was the name of a Sumerian goddess; she is most famously the mother of the hero Gilgamesh.


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