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Nines Rodriguez









Nines Rodriguez appears in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines as the political spokesman for the Anarch Free-State in Downtown; Los Angeles. Nines grew up in the Great Depression and has a very strong hatred for conservative political systems.


Rich bastards screwed the country- but did they suffer? No, the little people suffered
  — Nines Rodriguez

Nines is the most ascendant anarch in LA in the modern nights. He is the main reason of lots of young kindred joining the Anarch Movement. Nines survived a sireless origin during the Great Depression, a period credited with forming his anti-establishment political beliefs by blaming those of great power and wealth for taking advantage on the disenfranchised.

He can be found in the Downtown bar the Last Round. If asked about his leadership over the Anarchs, he will react harshly and deflect the implication he has attained authority status. However, in the introductory scenes of the game he is shown as an influential kindred to such an extent he was able to politically intimidate the Camarilla prince, Sebastian LaCroix.

It's hinted by Maximillian Strauss that, were it not for his stated political affiliations, Rodriguez would be a useful ally of the Camarilla (possibly because of his social influence over young kindred and his performance as a recruiter).

Rodriguez is mentioned in the novel Gehenna: The Final Night. It is mentioned that a rival Anarch faction, referred to as the MacNeils, has set fire to his haven.


  • Malkavian player characters refer to Nines as "he of the numbered name."
  • Nines states a preference for firearms, but will train the player in hand-to-hand combat if certain conditions are met.
  • Rodriguez is not a quest-giver, but rather offers advice and warning. In late-game play, Nines (presumably) defeats a werewolf single-handedly, a rare feat (as solitary werewolves have been known to kill groups of kindred).
  • In the Lone Wolf ending, Nines will meet up with and attempt to recruit the player to the Anarch cause, only to be coldly shunned via the player's middle finger.



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