Nights of Reckoning is an expansion set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, released by White Wolf in 2006. Unique among V:TES sets, the cards in Nights of Reckoning didn't feature any vampires or Disciplines; instead, they introduced the imbued hunters of Hunter: The Reckoning and their powers to the card game. No starter decks were produced for the Nights of Reckoning expansion, only booster packs; additionally, all cards in the set are new cards, with no reprints.

This set's break with the mainstays of normal V:TES deckbuilding and gameplay proved to be controversial, and its sales reflected its mixed reception. As a result, no further cards were produced for the imbued or their powers, and the handful of later cards that explicitly interacted with the imbued only did so as an additional function on top of their use in a typical V:TES deck.

Card listEdit

A: Abjure; Angel of Berlin; Anna "Dictatrix11" Suljic; Antithesis; Augur
B: Béatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay; Blood Cult Awareness Network; Bond; Break the Code
C: Champion; The Church of Vindicated Faith; Cleave; The Crusader Sword
D: Determine; Discern; Donate
E: Earl "Shaka74" Deams; Edge Explosion; Erick "Shophet125" Franco; Expiate
F: Foresee; François "Warden" Loehr
G: none
H: Hide
I: Illuminate; Imprison; Inez "Nurse216" Villagrande; Inflict; Inspire
J: Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon; Jennie "Cassie247" Orne; Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisiana (sic); John "Cop90" O'Malley
K: none
L: Leaf "Potter116" Pankowski; Living Wood Staff; Liz "Ticket312" Thornton; Lock; Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin
M: Maman Boumba; Marion "Teacher193" Perks; Moise Kasavubu; Muse of Flame
N: none
O: none
P: Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton; Pedro Cortez; Peter "Outback295" Rophail; Project; Punish
Q: none
R: React with Conviction; Respire; The Rose Foundation
S: Second Sight; Shame; Smite; Strike with Conviction; Surge
T: Travis "Traveler72" Miller
U: Unity
V: Vigil: The Thin Line; Vigilance
W: none
X: Xian "DziDzat155" Quan
Y: none
Z: none
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