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Authors: Justin Achilli (The Return of the Succubus Club), Geoffrey C. Grabowski (Walking After Midnight), Matthew McFarland (To Grandmother's House), Joshua Mosquiera-Asheim and Lucien Soulban (House of Lies), Aaron Rosenberg (The Hunters Hunted) and Dean Shomshak (Introduction)
Additional Character Designs: Eamon Hohnen
Developer: Justin Achilli
Editor: James Stewart
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Brian Glass
Interior Art: Mike Danza, Michael Gaydos, Vince Locke, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook and Conan Venus
Front Cover Art: Paul Lee
Front & Back Cover Design: Brian Glass
Special Thanks: Charles "Jobber" Bailey, for arriving and leaving before everyone else.
Aaron "Undercard" Voss, for filling in at the last minute.
Brian "Venis Envy" Glass, for being there and having Rebecca tape the show.
Jeff "Luchador" Holt, for being the short guy who rounds out the roster.
Justin "Y2J-Compliant" Achilli, for getting shafted by the booking of his stable.
Rob "Fruity Booty" Hatch, for offering color commentary unlike any other.
Josh "Senton Bomb" Timbrook, for diving neck-first from the yop of the Titantron.
Mike "Roody-Poo" Tinney, for being the hookup.
Ethan "Chulo" Skemp, for having custom matches booked to his specifications.
Aileen "Chyna" Miles, for "escorting Ethan to the Omni.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2000
Pages: 150
Year: 1998-2000
Publication #: WW2265
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-229-8
Price: US$19.95

Nights of Prophecy is a collection of stories for Vampire: The Masquerade that chronicle the advances in the setting's ongoing metaplot.



A summary of the flash points in the metaplot to date.

Chapter One: Return of the Succubus ClubEdit

The debut of a new and different Succubus Club draws the attention of the shadowed forces of Chicago.

Chapter Two: Walking After MidnightEdit

The players' coterie is caught in the struggle between Camarilla, Anarchs and Kuei-jin in the decline of the Anarch Free State and the rise of the New Promise Mandarinate.

Chapter Three: To Grandmother's HouseEdit

The Iron Hag, Baba Yaga, draws the fatal ire of her Nictuku clanmates.

Chapter Four: The Hunters HuntedEdit

A new breed of hunter stalks the Kindred of Las Vegas.

Chapter Five: House of LiesEdit

Beckett tracks the theft of a fragment of the Book of Nod to the Noddists of Montreal.

Background InformationEdit

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